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Zbigz Premium Account 2017 Openly posted


Zbigz is a online service which works 24 hours a day, zbigz is a popular website which coverts torrent links in to direct links, by making a direct link users can download there files at high speed at less time,it has different types of services like Premium or zbigz free account, Premium has more features than zbigz free account Zbigz free account has limited options while premium account has multi options, while Premium is paid one and Zbigz free account is free for all.


Zbigz Premium by Zbigz has multi functions like unlimited data storage, high speed leeching, Caching, Unlimited speed, Resume functions while downloading and many more, Premium account is paid one you have to pay money for paid account fore more features, Zbigz Premium is cheaper than other websites like Bytebx,,in Premium  you can store your all data and access around the world Zbigz will save your files, you just need a internet connection to access those files, you can share your premium account with your friends family members, just upload your torrent and enjoy downloading your files at highs peed around the globe.

 Zbigz Premium Account Features

  1. No File Size Limit for Downloading.
  2. Unlimited Storage In Zbigz Server.
  3. Download Files At unlimited Speed.
  4. Full caching and leeching speed.
  5. Store unlimited no of files in Zbigz.
  6. Resume and Pause facility while Downloading.
  7. Download any torrent files.
  8. Easy to Use.
  9. 24Hrs Up time Servers.
  10. Full Backup Of Files.

                                        Zbigz Premium Screen Shots

PREMIUM ACCOUNT DETAIL With 2 years Validity 

ZBIGZ LOGIN PAGE-Zbigz Premium Account Details

Plz Dont Change The Password Otherwise Account Will Get banned

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bytebx premium account 2017 Openly Posted

BYTEBX Premium Account  2017



BYTEBX is one the best torrent converting website  which covert convert torrent files to direct download links.and you can download and upload your files from any where from the internet from any place .you have to just upload your torrent links and wait for some time for bytebx to cache your files .once your process is complete there will a download link availaible for you.


premium account of bytebx has more features then a free bytebx premium account you can leech unlimited no of torrent files of any size with more than (300gb) of size.premium account also gives you amazing highspeed download .while free account has minimum download and upload speed.

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undertale soundtrack download Full game Sound Track

undertale soundtrack

Made by tobyfox

guitar tracks 71 by Stephanie Macintire


Released Year: 2015 | Publisher :- toby fox

Audio Code:- Mp3 | Type rip:- tracks | Audio Bitrate:- 320 kbps

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Sharing the most popular Song Lists by toby fox

1. Once Upon a Time 1:28
2. Fallen Down 0:57
3. Your Best Friend 0:23
4. Start Menu 0:32
5. Ruins 1:32
6. Unnecessary Tension 0:17
7. Anticipation 0:22
8. Uwa!! So Temperate♫ 0:56
9. Enemy Approaching 0:56
10. Ghost Fight 0:56
11. Nyeh Heh Heh! 0:32
12. Heartache 1:48
13. Home (Music Box)2:02
14. Home 2:03
15. sans. 0:50
16. Determination 0:50
17. Snowy 1:44
18. Uwa!! So Holiday♫ 0:30
19. Dogbass 0:06
21. Dogsong 0:37
22. Snowdin Town 1:16
23. Shop 0:50
24. Bonetrousle 0:57
25. Dating Start! 1:56
26. Dating Tense! 0:26
27. Dating Fight! 0:35
28. Premonition 1:01
29. Danger Mystery 0:18
30. Undyne 0:45
31. Waterfall 2:06
32. Run! 0:26
33. Quiet Water 0:32
34. Memory 1:15
35. Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap 0:25
36. Dummy! 2:25
37. Pathetic House 0:38
38. Ghouliday 0:12
39. Spookwave 0:25
40. Spooktune 0:23
41. Chill 0:56
42. Thundersnail 0:42
43. NGAHHH!! 1:22
44. Tem Shop 0:45
45. Temmie Village 0:57
46. Spear of Justice 1:55
47. Ooo 0:14
48. Alphys 1:25
49. It’s Showtime! 0:46
50. It’s Showtime! 0:46
51. Another Medium 2:22
52. Uwa!! So HEATS 0:33
53. Stronger Monsters 1:03
54. Hotel 1:27
55. Can You Really Call This A Hotel, 
56. Confession 0:42
57. Live Report 0:17
58. Death Report 0:47
59. Spider Dance 1:46
60. Wrong Enemy !? 0:58
61. Oh! One True Love 1:24
62. Oh! Dungeon 0:32
63. It’s Raining Somewhere Else 2:50
64. CORE Approach 0:12
65. CORE 2:46
66. Last Episode! 0:07
67. Oh My… 0:14
68. Long Elevator 0:20
69. For the Fans 1:47
70. Death by Glamour 2:14
71. Undertale 6:21
72. Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans 1:02
73. The Choice 2:12
74. Small Shock 0:14
75. Barrier 0:31
76. Bergentr├╝ckung 0:21
77. ASGORE 2:36
78. You Idiot 0:35
79. Your Best Nightmare 4:00
80. Finale 1:52
81. An Ending 3:29
82. Amalgam 1:20
83. Here We Are 2:06
84. She’s Playing Piano 0:19
85. Fallen Down (Reprise) 2:31
86. SAVE the World 1:53
87. Hopes and Dreams 3:01
88. Burn in Despair! 0:21
89. Don’t Give Up 2:02
90. His Theme 2:05
91. Final Power 0:19
92. Bring it in, Guys! 4:12
93. Menu (Full) 0:32
94. Respite 1:54
95. Reunited 4:44
96. Last Goodbye 2:15
97. But the Earth Refused to Die 0:34
98. Good Night 0:31
99. Power of NEO 0:31

101. Battle Against a True Hero 2:37

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download undertale soundtrack

undertale ost download -undertale soundtrack download



sans undertale

undertale ost download

undertale soundtrack free download

download undertale ost

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Clash Of Clans Winter Update Latest Apk Download V 8.709.2

Finally winter Update is here Clash of clans new V 8.709.2 Update, this time a huge update by Supercells , Super cell also hits about the upcoming update in 2017 , so lets checkout the new Winter Update of clash of clans.

Many of us love clash of clans , its a addicted game we have ever played once you start playing Clash  of Clans then there is no chance of getting back, you will fall in the love with Clash of clans. over Billions of people are playing Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans new update this time santa claus brings new gift for Clash of Clan players , some new updates in Defense , walls , troops , clan castle , heroes. many upgrades has came. Download Clash of Clans V 8.709.2 , this is the latst version of Clash of Clans released by Super cells on December Winter Update of Clash of Clans V 8.709.2 .

This time in Clash of Clans new update , users can now get Full spells for all users, now you can use all spells till Jan 5 , also Super cells will be giving give away of gems , Elixir 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

How To Root Android Phones Without PC/Computer

There are not only Android phone you can root without pc, tablets are also similar to pc root ablet , so the methods we are sharing will also work for your tablet , root android phone without computer also for tablet , we have some best methods and Apk how to root android phones , you can root your Android phone with PC also but it will take so much time and if you make any mistake there are High chances of your phone getting Hard Brick ,so there are very easy steps using root explorer apk , to rooting android phone. so lets start the process to check best root apps.Best APK To Root Android Phones

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Airtel V-Fiber Broadband Free Unlimited Internet For 3 Months

To rival Reliance Jio-Fiber broadband, Airtel has thought of new administration called Airtel V-Fiber. It utilizes fiber and innovation to convey ultra high speeds. Here we are going to enroll most recent Airtel V fiber arranges, its correlation with other comparable administrations, welcome offers and initiation points of interest.

Airtel has propelled ‘V-Fiber” innovation that presents to 100 Mbps speed. Existing Airtel broadband client can now get superfast v fiber speeds at no additional month to month cost. They require just modem change. New clients will get boundless three month trial (free web) offer with boundless neighborhood and STD calls to any system.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

15 Best Apps To Download Free Music For Your Android Phone

15 Best Free Music Download Apps for Free Music Downloads

All of the apps which we have listed below are tested by us before listing them here. We have sorted all the apps on the basis of many factors like Users rating and their features too.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Surfeasy VPN Premium Account 2017-Openly Posted

Here i am going to share SurfEasy VPN Premium Account to our precious users. We had a lot of requests regarding VPN account share other than Zenmate, So take SurfEasy and surf with ease on web. SurfEasy aims making online privacy accessible to everyone. SurfEasy is a no-log network. They don’t keep a record of any information about you, your browsing activity or downloading history on their servers. SurfEasy allows you to bypass firewalls and access blocked videos, websites and streaming services. It protects your information while torrenting. It can stop creepy advertisers from following you around the web.Their Ad Tracker Blocker algorithm intercepts the cookies that advertisers use to follow you online, but you have to Upgrade for using this facility. Keep reading more details are shown below.