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Zbigz Premium Account September 2016 [Openly posted]

    Zbigz Premium Accounts September 2016

     Zbigz Premium Accounts september 2016- No surveys

Today im sharing you my Zbigz premium account valid for 2months.it is valid till november
zbigz premium Accounts benifits unlimited speed without capping and pause function also there for premium members.they best way to convert torrent to direct links is Zbigz. with unlimted speed depending on your internet speed.

What Is Zbigz???

Zbigz a online website which helps millions of people to convert torrent file to direct links.other way you can say zbigz is leeching website which leeches torrent files and convert the files for direct download at high speed depending on you internet Bandwidth.on Zbigz free account you can download maximum 1gb of file for free with maximum speed up to 150 KBPS only.Zbigz premium
account users have more privilages than free zbigz account in premium account you have unlimted
data storages maxium no of torrent files can be  uploaded at a same time maximum speed and many more services.

Why Zbigz Premium???

Zbigz Premium account has many feautures which may not work on free account.
you can upload maximum no of torrent files in a premium account but only 3 files can be uploaded
on a free Zbigz account.maximum speed you will get on a premium account with pause facilty
resume aur pause your downloading file anytime maximum unlimted storage is availaible on premium account.you can leech 100gb file in premium account but only 1 gb in free account.
for premium activayion you have to pay charges depending upon you plan.

How Zbigz Works ???

Zbigz usally convert your torrent files in to direct link in a couple of minutes at maximum speed
it download your torrent files in to Zbigz main server and gives its user a direct link which is safe to download from Zbigz servers users can download their files safely without any problems
you have to just sumbit your torrent/magnet links and wait for leeching after leeching completes
you will get your direct link option to download files.you can download with IDM or any download manager.

Premium Account Feautures Of Zbigz:-

1.Maximum storage of files in Zbigz servers

2.Download torrents files at maximum speed depending on your internet connections.

3.No size limit is there for premium members you can download files of any size.

4.You will get full caching and leeching speed in premium accounts.

5.you will get a Resume and Pause facility download your file any time.

6.Store unlimited no of files in Zbigz premium account.

7.Download any torrent files.

Zbigz Premium Account Proof September 2016


ZBigz Premium Account Details:-CLICK HERE

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Paytm Maha Loot Bazaar Sale

  Paytm MAHA BAZAAR Sale 30-31 August

Paytm Maha Bazaar sale is one of the best sale made by Paytm.
You can get exclusive deaqls on diffrent items and accesories.you can get discount up to 99% on this day.over 50000 products will be there only for Rs 1 but you have to pay the shipping charges depending on your product and your area.

About Paytm  Maha Bazaar sale???                        

This  Sale willbe going to held on august (30-31) where you can get up to 99%  dicount on every product over 50000 products will be sold for only Rs 1 exclusive shipping charges shipping charges will be depending on your product and your area .the willbe live at paytm website at 12  midnight
you can vist the website and get the details about the products availaible for sale.you can also get movie tickets if you buy 2 products from paytm on Maha Bazaar sale on 30-31 august.
and you can also win a iphone 6 on the Maha Bazaar sale .

List of Items availaible for Sale?

 Eyewear will be for only Rs1 the best deal you can ever get for rs 1 only on Paytm. Maha Bazaar sale.

Get Amazing Deals on mobile accesories up to 99% off  on every products on paytm.

Amazing Deals on sports and health its time to loot paytm many more offers.

Best Deals on electronic Accesories amazing offers on electronic accesories.

Amazing offers on watches for both men and women .amazing discounts and watches for rs1 only you have to pay shipping charges its a paytm loot deal.

There are many more items availaible for sale we cannot display 50000 products above is the demo of the products 
there many more products you can buy only for RS1.

How to Get Free movie ticket on Maha Bazaar sale on Paytm??

You have to simply login to your account on the Maha Bazaar sale on 30-31 August and you have to purchase any two products during the sale and after your purchasing is completed you will recieve a free Special movie promo code . which you can reedem on paytm while purchasing movie tickets.one user will get only 1 special promo code on this  Maha Bazar sale           

Win a iphone 6 on Paytm Maha Bazaar Sale??

You have to simply purchase any 2 products during the sale from paytm
After your purchse is over you can stand a chance to win a iphone 6 from paytm
you can win a iphone 6 for 100% discount if you are lucky.

        GOTO Paytm Maha Bazar :-Click Here   

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Google Duo One To One Video Calling App For android and Ios

    Google Duo Video Calling App By GOOGLE

Google has recently launched its new video calling App called Google Duo.
it is a simple video calling App availaible for Android and Ios users.this app makes 
one to one video calls between two android Devices and from android to iphone video calls
can be made.according to my views it is very simple to use any one can use it
simple easy to download and make video calls.their is no video confrecence in this app.
the quality is pretty good  hd quality calls are made between two devices.

Lets Start With Google Duo...

It is a very simple app like other android and ios apps .to start your service with google duo 
you just need a working phone  number.you can make video  calls  once once google duo 
reaches your contact list  it will search for people in your  contact list who are availaible for video calls and using google duo.the best part of google duo is it does not require any email account   nor  any  google  account. Google  clearly  said  that it require  only a working phone number. and only  2 persons can  video chat  simultaneosuly .to  use google duo  you just need a working sim card along with a good internet connection like 3G/4G to make HD calls..

How Google Duo Works??

The app is availaible for both android and ios users .you just need working sim card and a good internet connection.when you singup on google duo it will check your phone number
from your sim card  and sends you a conformation code which you have to enter while singup.after verifying its all done you are  ready to rock you can make video calls to your  
friends family members it will directly update your contact list it will link with you contact list.

Google has done a very good job by making this app very fast easy and reliable to use.you can make video calls instantly to your friends and family members .it will work great in even slower internet connects and works excellent in 3G/4G/wifi connection depending on your bandwidth.if you are using slow internet Google Duo will reduce the resolution according to the Bandwidtch to keep the calling going smoothly.

Google DUO Interferance is Amazing ?

Duo is user friendly .you will see varius icons before you start a video calls and you can see your recent contacts on the list during the video calls you can see your self on the small tiny box their is no audio only option During a call you can see some icons to mute audio 
hangup and switch cameras you can change your cameras instantly by just tapping a change icon it will instantly change your camera primary/secondry.


       A Small Video Demo Of Google Duo 

According to us we think thats google duo is good video calling app between two devices it also works great in slower internet connection but it is not the best video calling app.it does not provide video confrenceing between devices only 2 devices can work at a same time but it still agood video calling app and amazing video quality.

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Crunchyroll Premium Accounts August 2016

  Crunchyroll Premium Accounts August 2016

Today we are presenting you the premium accounts of Crunchyroll
For Anime lovers can watch their shows online with this premium Accounts.streaming online in HD for free from premium Accounts.

In crunchyroll you can find more than 30K episodes of diffrent Animes.Dragon ball z is one of my favourate cartoons that i watch on Crunchyroll. you can watch diffrent shows like Naruto.Crunchy roll is the global leading service which provide throughout asia and all the global.your premium accounts also help the creators to make more services availaible to us.

Check out NETFLIX Premium Accounts:-NETFLIX PREMIUM  

About  Crunchyroll Streaming??

Premium members has the Priority to acess live streaming anytime anywhere in the world 
streaming is supefast for premium members they can watch HD 720P/FULL HD 1080P
without any problems.but for steaming in FullHD you need a good internet connection
if you are having a bad internet connection that will create problems while streaming videos 
or any live telicast.

Loot Anime Crate??

Loot Anime is one of the monthly mystery bundle of figures collectibles manga apparel accessories and more from anime and manga series with a new theme every month $65+ value in every crate! Loot Anime has exclusive access to Crunchyroll content and merchandise to feature in their monthly  . If you are currently on a Free Trial, you are welcome to confirm your membership status, and you will receive your discount upon your first charge as a Premium Member.get the free premium account details here and enjoy.

HBO Now Premium Accounts:-CLICK HERE

                    ACCOUNT PROOF

Crunchyroll Account Details:-LOGIN DETAILS 1

Crunchyroll Account Details:-LOGIN DETAILS 2

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

HBO Now Premium Account 2016 August

  HBO Now Premium Account 2016 August 


HBO Now is an top subscription video on demand service operated by American premium cable and satellite television network HBO.Officially unveiled on March 9 and launched on April 7, 2015.HBO now allows its users to watch tv serials in high defenation quality.over millins and lakhs of users around the world HBOW now is on the top TV channels around the world.HBO NOw can be played on many strams like in desktop.android mbiles mackbook.smart tv. HBO now allows its users to view online entertainment services.HBo now does not require any television subscribsition you need apremium HBO account to watch lakhs of serials movies videos.

Watch latest episodes of Serials like Game of thrones.The flash.the daredevils and many more only on a single click.latest episodes are uploaded daily in hd quality.

the most top tv serial around the Game Of Thrones.it is the world popular serial you can watch game of throne any time anywhere with a HBO premium account watch all seasons at a click.

To watch all your favourite tv serial you just need a hbro pemium account.

HBO is officialy launched on April 7 2015 around the world.hbo allows users to premium hd demand services.users can watch any content of Hbo gallery at a single click.

HBO now works on many devices like android devices Amazon kindle tab amazon fire tv and fire tv stick android tv apple tv smart tv computer ipad iphones windows phones.you have to just singin to HBO account to watch all your faviourate contents and Movies.

Live stream you can watch live stream serials In Hbo now at high defenation you just need a premium account with a subsciption it also allows its users to watch save the serials to watch later on their devices.

Benifits Of HBO NOW Premium Account??

There are lots of benifits of a premium account of HBO NOW watch your favourate tv serials any time anywhere you just need a good internet connection.live streaming watch live serials on your mobile pc android devices save your favourate contents on your Device.




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Friday, August 26, 2016

Netflix Premium Account 2016 August

  Netflix Premium Account 2016 August

Netflix Premium Account 2016 (Daily Update).

Netflix allows you to watch your favourite TV shows Movies
online streaming on your pc smart tv console mobile mac.
nextflix is the  best way today to watch movies serilas in a single click.premium account allows you to watch your favorite content in HD.

Today Netflix has millions of subscriber all around the world.Netflix is the best streaming way to watch movies serials and other contents.it allows its premium users to watch download their favourate content.

When you Singup for a premium account Netflix allows you to download their Netflix app.and watch thousands of serial episodes movies and other contents.

crackingarea is now providing a free premium account for their users to watch thousands of serials movies for free.account is working fine and tested.instant login watch new serials watch in hd though our Netflix premium Account.

How To Get Netflix 30 Trial Account????

1.connect your internet on mobile or pc console and on mac.

2.Go to the offcial site of Netflix :- Netflix.com 

3.you will get a Notification in the website get your free 30days trial click on it.

4.Now you have to enter your email details and password and singup for the free Netflix account.

5.last you have to enter your details and click on start membership.now enjoy your 30days.

Cracking area Netflix Free Premium account??

We are providing our users with the best working tricks.we are providing a free premium Netflix account to get the account Details click Below.

1.Get  the  premium account Details.

2.Open the netflix main website:-Netflix.com           

3.Enter the premium account details on Netflix Login page.

4.Thats it enjoy your faviourite movies and serilas and a simple click.

        Netflix Premium Account Details

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Airtel 4G/3G VPN Trick With New NMD VPN Config For Mobile And PC


Airtel New Nmd vpn trick working in many states.speed up to 500kbps To 600 kbps.speed depends upon your area and Network.use 3g net in your mbile/pc for free

You just have to Download NMD VPN and have to follow some steps to use free internet.this vpn tricks contains new  files and fresh new proxy files.

Requirements For this Airtel 4G/3G Vpn Trick??

1.Airtel 3G/4G Enabled sim card.

2.You need a mobile/Pc

3.Use Apn:-airtelgprs.com

4.Mentain Main Balance RS0

5.You will get max speed up to 600kbps.

You can see im getting Maximum speed up to 600kbps in idm.getting around 500-600kbps in night in day time the speed is 400-500kbps.

How To Use This Trick In Pc???  

1.Download NMD VPN in your Pc .


3.After Downloading and installing you have to copy all your config files to NMD VPN directory file
 (C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config)

4.now connect your internet on pc and right click on NMD VPN and Run it as administrator.

5.Now with your Config apply it and connect the net from your system tray icon with config thats it your net will be connected enjoy.

For Mobile Users???

1.Download open vpn from Here:OPEN VPN   

2.Download it and extraxt it in a place and install it.

3.save the given Config Files and apply on open vpn.

4.after that connect it.

5.it will take up to 40 seconds to connect wait uptill and thats it it will be connected.enjoy

   Both pc and mbile vpn trick is working fine and tested


For More Airtel Tricks Click The Link Given Below    

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