Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pokemon Go version 0.39.0 APK full download

Pokemon Go V 0.39.0 Apk - Download Latest Apk

After a long wait finally pokemon fans are going to get a new update v 0.3.9 for android 
and v 1.9.0 for ios users, New update comes with capture location,Now you can capture 
your locations and "Pokemon go Plus" functionality with "insense". 
some bugs are also fixed while using the app some users get stuck on loading screens 
that Bug was fixed, another bug fixed camera moves at slow speed while playing battles.

Pokemon Go Update Notes :-

* Capture Locations : The location where you  caught  a pokemon will now display on your information in screen.

* pokemon Go plus and Incense: Trainers can attempt to capture pokemon they encounter from using incense and with the pokemon go plus accessory.

* Bug Fixed : Camera moves at slow speed while playing Battels.

* Minor bugs Were fixed.

Now Take Battles and defend your gym

As your Charmander evolves to Charmeleon and then Charizard, you can battle together to defeat a Gym and assign your Pokémon to defend it against all comers.

Search far and wide for 'Pokemon' and items

Certain Pokémon appear near their native environment—look for Water-type Pokémon by lakes and oceans. Visit PokéStops, found at interesting places like museums, art installations, historical markers, and monuments, to stock up on Poké Balls and helpful items.

          Download Pokemon Go V 0.39.0 APK

             Package: com.nianticlabs.pokemongo
                        Full Size: 76.48 MB

        For Android Users Download Links

     Google PlayStore Link |Google Drive Direct Link | Mirror Link

          For Ios USers Download Links

                 Apple Itunes Store Link 

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Airtel 4G Maha Loot Unlimited 4G data For 90 Days - JIO effect

After a long wait Finally Some blasting offers are coming by airtel to compete with
Reliance jio, Airtel is now going to give a shock to reliance jio by its new plan 'Rs 1495'
'which will offer 'unlimited 4G for 90 Days' yes 90 days unlimted 4g, this plan is only
available for Prepaid users not for Post paid soon New plan will also going to launch
for postpaid customers also, the offer is available for both new and existing users,
new users have to do a first recharge of Rs 1495 to get the benifits.

Airtel New 4g plan is limited to some states like Delhi only, users from delhi can only avail 
this offer,But later on in some days the offer will be extended to all other states of india.
this plan includes a 'Fup yes' (Fair Usage policy).After Fup your speed will be reduced 
to 64 kbps just like 'Reliance jio 4G' but in jio we are getting 128 Kbps. your will get 30 Gb
in this plan,after completing 30 Gb your speed will be reduced to "64 kbps" the speed will
be like 2g data, this is not a true 4g unlimited Data, if you are going to pay Rs 1495 
Per month your monthly cost will be Rs 500 per month, in which you are not getting true 4g 
speed capping includes. Reliance jio is offering much more better plan even before its 
real launch 'Rs 50 per Gb'  which sounds good and also include voice and sms data packs.


Ajai Puri Director of Airtel - ( india & South asia ) - Ajay puri, said that they are only 
focusing on benifits of customers, today handsets like 4G are consuming lots of data,
people cannot use 4g as much as they want,
so we are focusing on plan which will give our customers a relief from 
data packs, so finally lauching a unlimited 4G plans for valuable customers. 
with this plan users can surf the internet for long time without any worry 
of exhausting data packs.

Lets Talk about "Reliance jio 4G" how to speed up and bypass 'Reliance jio Speed capping'

Reliance jio is now currently offering 'JIo Welcome Offer' to its users, the plan includes 
unlimited 4G data, Unlimited Voice calling, unlimited sms, unlimited subscribtions to its my jio Apps, This welcome offer is just like airtel new plan but its to good when it is compared 
to Airtel Rs 1495 unlimted 4G plan, welcome offer includes Speed capping, 4Gb Daily limit 
with total 120 Gb montly Data usage which is good for a medium user, 100 sms daily, unlimited voice calling and jio apps.if we compare airtel vs jio, Jio is giving far better options
to take Jio welcome offer, jio welcome offer is free for all till 31 Dec 2016 thats a good point,
no money we have to spent all traffic plans are free,so Better choose Reliance jio 4G,
Still airtel plan is too good for those who dont like reliance jio 4g.

After its commercial launch Reliance jio users states that they are getting very lower speed,
earlier they get speed about 30-40 mbps now the speed decreases to 10-15 mbps,
now Jio Calling service is also poor Jio - jio calling is fine, But if you are calling other operators, it will always show that the no is busy or not reachable, about Crores of calls have been dropped since its commercial launch, which makes jio impression very Bad.


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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flipkart Big Billion Sale , Everything You Need To know

Flipkart Big Billion sales are back, Flipkart big billion day sale 2016 will be held from 
2nd oct to 6th oct 2016. india's Biggest sale Big billion sales are back it will held on 
the month of october, big Billion sales means lots of huge discounts on many products,
this time the big billion sale will only available on   Flipkart app, you cannot shop using
pc on big billion sale, offers are only available on Flipkart mobile app.

If you are planning to buy something huge in september so wait for some days,
you can get up to 70% discounts on products, wait till oct 2 then make purchase
in Big Billion Day you can save money and buy some extra stuff for yourself and for your can get Huge discounts on kitchen products, electronics, sports, clothing, 
electronics, and many make your bank accounts tight and wait for ( BBD ) sale.

Flipkart Big Billion Day sale was first planned at  13 to 17 oct but later, the dates were changed.the new dates were finalized and confirmed.The "Big Billion" Sale will held from
"2nd oct to 6 oct" download the flipkart app and get ready if you dont have 
Flipkart app download from given link below. 

Flipkart App Download Now Click Here

Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Schedule.

1. 2nd October To 6th october = Fashion and lifestyle sale.

2. 3rd october to 6th october = Home and Appliances sale.

3. 4rd october to 6th october = Mobile and Accessories sale.

4. 5th october to 6th october = Electronis sale.

5. 6th october 2016 = Books sale.

How to Bypass Reliance jio Speed Capping after 4gb Proof.

Big Billion Day Bank Offer....!

Yes Credit cards and Debit Card offers are also applicable, get 10% Discounts on every
products, make purchase using Sbi Credit card and debit cards and get 10% instant discounts on every category. other baks credit card and Debit cards are also applicable
information will updated as soon as possible..

Flipkart Big Billion Day Rs 1 sale....?

There will be huge discounts on Big billion Day sale  you can buy products for Rs 1,

you can get up to "99% discounts" on 'Rs 1sale' you have to just download the flipkart app

and wait for the sale, once sale starts if you are lucky you can purchase products for rs 1,

You have to just pay the courier chargers.

How to Purchase Products On Big Billion Day sale...?

1. Download The Flipkart App.

2. open the app and login, singup in to your Account.

3. Select you 'Products' add to cart and click on place order. 

4. Enter your desire address and click next.

5. select your desire payment option and click next.

6.  if you have Sbi debit or credit card then pay using your card you can get up to 10%
     discounts on your selected products.

7. now place your order and enjoy.


                             Important Links

 Zbigz Premium Accounts september 2016 100% working

Reliance jio Welcome offer-Get 1 Free movie ticket.  

Reliance Jio Mnp - Port your number and get jio welcome offer

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Google Allo : Everything You Need to Know About 'Google Allo'

Say hello to google : a smarter messaging app for android, ios devices.

google recently launched its messaging app on september 20 it is quite good to seegoogle is now focusing on apps like google duo and google allo , which can compete with existing 'whats app' 'Skipe' Hike and many other instant messaging apps.

google Allo is quite good, instant messaging instant reply, easy to find locations
find your flight status,find weather locations, you can find sports locations travel fun,
My assistance is also included in Google Allo which will help you to find anything.

Tap To message instantly

google added some features like tap to respond you can instanly reply to a message by simply tapping on the incoming message, you can send a quick yup only by tapping.

if any one ask you "are you on the way" if anyone sends you some photos you will instantly get some suggestions like 'cute beautiful' . google added "smart reply" which includes suggestions which will help you when you have no suggestions in your mind.

Google assistance in 'Allo'

Google assistance is the best part of google 'i liked it so much'  assistance help you 
while searching for anything in allow like travel, weather, fun, sports, Going out, Translation,
'Assistance' is pre installed in your app you don't have to install it separately. you can do conversations with Assistance it will help you by answering your questions directly in to your  chat. you don't have to Google to search anything You can directly Google in Allow and it will help you.

Assistance will also help you to share "images youtube videos documents" to your friends 
directly just pickup your address and drop it on you conversation it will send you message
to your friends instantly. assistance will also help you in group chat, you can also chat
one-to-one in Google Allo.

New incognito Mode 

lets chat in privacy and security in google Allo, all chats are secure and hided.
no one can see your private chats all are secured Transport Layer Security (TLS) 
incingto like google chrome added to Allo. The best in class and Best in future.
all messages are end to end inscription your meesages will expire and expire after
you end incognito tab in Google Allo.

  Direct messanging you can directly send messages to your friends those who are not using google Allo, google allo is available in Android and ios store.

                                Download Google 'Allo'

Google Allo for Android click here

Google Allo for Ios Device Click here

      Watch video How to use Google 'Allo'

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Reliance jio welcome offer - get free movie ticket

Reliance Jio is the leading 4g network in india with more than millions of customers 
its a revolution of 4g in the nation which is increasing day by day like a thunder storm.
people craze for reliance jio is like Storm which is increasing day by day!!! 
jio is launching new offers day by day and ruling the whole nation with its 4g services.
jio shares are increasing rapidly and other operators shares are decreasing rapidly,
Reliance jio is offering its 4g services to the whole nation for free till 31Dec 2016 for free,
Jio recently Launched jio Movies weekend,Movies now jio is giving free movie tickets to 
all, loot offer yes amazing offer, we all love Movies.

Movie offer loot get a free movie ticket from Bookmyshow  you can recieve 100 Rs cashback from book my show if you pay through jio money, you can buy 2 tickets with one 
jio money account buy one ticket of 100 Rs or more get 100 Rs cash back and Buy another 
cashback will be instantly added to your account in a couple of minutes.

The offer will be expire on 2nd oct 2016 so get your movie ticket fro free from Bookmyshow
so go to Bookmyshow and get your 1 free movie ticket and get a cash back of Rs 100
and Buy another ticket from cash back.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Download new English Movies 2016


Cracking area Presensts You  The New Movie Zone
You can download lots of stuff from here Like new movies serials Tv shows and many more.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

iOS 10 Update For iphone

                        NEW IOS 10

Today Apple is Releasing the new Ios 10 To its apple users all those who have apple ipads and apple iphone can now update there phone  to new  ios 10  from 
13 september 2016 many improvements will be there in the ios performance of your device will be increased.

Users will get a popup windows in there mobile screen when they switch on there internet connection. you will get the update messege until you update your system tonew ios 10 iphone 6/6plus 5se ipad users can update your phone but if you are an old iphone user like iphone 4s so dont update your phone it will decrese you preformance only new device users will see some performance improvements.